Messiah Church

Messiah Church - Where are we?

St Mary’s West Twyford
Brentmead Gardens
NW10 7ED

Mobile: +44(0)7940486025
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Messiah Church

View from Hanger Lane

View from Hanger Lane Roundabout

Messiah Church is situated very close to the Hanger Lane Round, the roundabout has several exits and can sometimes be quite confusing. The location of the church is very accessible by car, tube, bus and walking, some of the best ways to get to Messiah Church are listed below;

By Car:

If coming by car and the North Circular Roundabout, you should look out for the road sign which states N.Circular M4 towards Eailing. The exit you should come off at is to the far left just after the traffic lights. You must turn into Twyford Abbey Road. See pictures below.

By Bus:

(Gypsy corner) 95, 112, 226, 440, 487, 83, 228

By Train:

Hanger lane (Central line) Park Royal (Piccadilly Line)

Alternatively you can fill out the contact form below and we will get straight back to you.