General Overseers Bishop and Rev/Mrs Joan Larbi

Messiah Church leaders undertake a variety of responsibilities. Depending on their role, our leaders undergo Leadership and or Ministry training to them for their roles for this role within the church

Bishop James Larbi, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Religious and Classical Studies (University of Surrey), Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Theology (Oxford University), Masters degree in Divinity (Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary USA).

Bishop Larbi is an excellent speaker at public meetings, conferences, and church crusades and teacher of the word of God, inspiring and motivating, bringing healing and revelation to many. He has served in many positions of responsibility including former columnist to the Independent Newspapers Regional, former representative for Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs (MECA) Reference Group for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

He is currently a member of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy, Inc., and the vice president of the crusade for the wider teaching of Ancient Greek Philosophy in Higher Education in the U.K., Canada & U.S.A.

Bishop-elect Joan Larbi, is married to Bishop James Larbi and is the Co-Pastor of Messiah Church.

Bishop-elect Mrs Joan Larbi is a powerful woman of prayer and blessed with the gift of healing, many who have been blessed by her ministry have tangible testimonies.